Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 7th, 2018

Tokyo Ghoul:re Enters its Final Arc

It seems the sequel to the acclaimed Tokyo Ghoul is coming to an end as it was announced Tokyo Ghoul:re has entered its final arc.

Source: Wrap-around jacket band on the 14th volume of Tokyo Ghoul:re and Article Image: Tokyo Ghoul:re volume 2 cover


Saki Biyori Ends

Saya Kiyoshi’s 4-panel manga series is coming to an end in its 7th volume.

Source: Honya Club


Kenjiro Hata’s New Manga Revealed

We just learned that Hata’s new manga is going to be called Generally Cute (Tonikaku Kawaii) and will launch on February 14th. A visual can be seen below:

Generally Cute Promo Pic

Source: Anime News Network


New Ninja Slayer Manga Announced

A follow up to the previous series of the same name, this new manga will launch on April 19.

Source: njslyr_ukiyoe’s Twitter Account


Hana ni Kedamono Sequel Announced

Miwako Sugiyama will start a new manga titled Vita Sexualis on April 6th. The first chapter will have 50 pages and some of them will be in color.

Source: Manga Mag


Osamu Tezuka Magazine Announced

A magazine titled Tezuka Mix will run for 18 issues starting on April 30 and is being launched to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka.

Source: Official Website