Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 5th, 2018

One Piece

The One Piece anime is introducing Charlotte Katakuri, who will be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.

New OP Cha

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A Place Further than the Universe

New characters are being introduced to the series:

Hanami Yasumoto (Played by Mikako Komatsu):

Universe 1

A member of the Antarctic research team in charge of microbial research. She is a graduate student pursuing her doctorate. She is eager to study the moss pillars in the waters of the Antarctic. While cute and popular with men, she has no interest in romance. She acts somewhat childish for her age, and often hangs out with Kimari and her friends.

Nobue Todoroki (Played by Kana Asumi):

Universe 2

The geologist in the Antarctic research team. While studious and consumed with her research, she also thinks often of Yū-kun, her boyfriend waiting for her in Japan. Any free time she has in the Antarctic is spent writing mail or knitting something for Yū-kun.

Yume Sasaki (Played by Aya Endo):

Universe 3

The astronomer in the Antarctic research team. She is a junior colleague to Shirase’s mother Takako, a woman whom she greatly respects. She is aloof and curt, but is kind, and offers Kimari and her friends advice when they most need it. She is often found gazing up at the sky when idle.

Toshio Zaizen (Played by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka):

Universe 4

The research team’s communications officer, and the person in charge of maintaining their computers. Although he has little romantic experience, he is quite the romantic. Because he often talks crudely with those he has no interest in, the women on the research team often look down on him. However, he talks politely to girls he has taken an interest in.

Chiaki Mukai (Played by Masaki Terasoma):

Universe 5

The skipper of the research ship. While he had previously captained a research ship as an SDF sailor, he is now captaining a civilian research vessel by request from Gin. While he was infamous for his strictness in his younger years, his personality has now mellowed out. His calm and considered decisions as captain have earned him the trust of many.

Dai Himi (Played by Jun Fukushima):

Universe 6

The leader of the research team’s construction group. He strikes a tall but silent figure, although he has such a good friendship with Toshio that the two are seen as a pair. He is a big fan of Yuzuki, and secretly rejoices at her being part of the research team, but he has so far not struck up a conversation with her.

Source: Anime News Network