Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 30th, 2018

People are starting to wonder what kind of impact streaming platforms like Netflix and series like Devilman Crybaby could have on the anime market and director Masaaki Yuasa gave his thought on Reddit. This was his response to a question on Netflix’s growing influence in the market:

In terms of the distribution of the films…it is very easy to use, and I think it gets many people to watch it. So I expect that it will expand further…[T]o show something like Devilman Crybaby where many people will enjoy seeing at once. But for smaller works that might appeal to a smaller audience, this format may not work that well, so I am hoping that something will allow for that smaller unique audience to be able to see those works as well.

Even Crybaby’s director is admitting what we all see building behind the scenes, Netflix and other American influence on the medium may bring with it advantages, but it will come at too high a price; that is, the unique and quirky elements of our medium that might not appeal to a larger audience (Specifically, an American mainstream one).

At least, Amazon’s recent defeat with their channel Anime Strike is comforting for those fearing undue American influence. Speaking of Amazon, they don’t give up: A new channel (That you pay 2.99$ extra for of course) hosts 16 seasons of Pokémon, from the original series to Black and White (But nothing beyond). Yeah, a full, paid channel for… one series. I don’t care how many episodes of Pokémon that makes this can be filed under another of the “great decisions” mainstream companies have made in recent times concerning anime. It looks like the company has learned nothing over its recent, and quite fresh, anime fiasco.


Source: Comic (Link 1 and Link 2) and Article Image: Official Website for Devilman Crybaby