Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 29th, 2018

Release the Spyce Project Announced

A new anime project called Release the Spyce has just been announced and it will bring together the talents of Yuruyuri’s Namori (As character designer) and Yuki Yuna’s Takahiro (For original concept). The story will focus on high school girls who work for a secret agency and keep the peace in the city.

Source: Official Website (For article image as well) and Comic Natalie


Petty Voice Actress Replaced

The anime adaptation of the ISLAND visual novel has decided to replace the voice actress for the role of Sara Garando and will now employ Hibiku Yamamura. Original voice actress Rie Murakawa had originally requested script changes as part of a deal to reprise her role and these were granted but then asked further script changes and scene alterations while the anime had already started production and threatened to quite otherwise. The staff in charge of the anime did the only thing they could do and told the entitled voice actress to go see if she was wanted somewhere else.

Source: Official Website and Yaraon!


Crypto Currency News

Creative Frontier has found a smart way to support its Anicoin initiative by encouraging people to support the creation of an anime film adaptation of its Idol Connect -Asterisk Live- smartphone game and also to help a new anime and virtual Youtuber project called Indoor with Diva.

In other news, a major theft at the Coincheck exchange has just hit the crypto currency market. With international governments seeing crypto currency as a threat to their financial, global monopoly, we can only speculate as to whom is responsible for this theft. But that aside, the girls of the group were supposed to be paid through the currency but were unable to receive payment because of the incident. They were offered to be paid in Yen but refused, deciding to wait and stand by the crypto currency instead and also plan to perform as scheduled too.

Source: cfinc and Oricon News