Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 19th, 2018

French manga publisher Ki-oon has just announced an original production by the title of Momo and the Messenger of the Sun (Momo et le messager du Soleil) that will be handled by Marie Sasano (Former assistant to Natsumi Aida). This will be Marie’s first manga.


In a world where Humans and animals live in harmony, children are born in the form of eggs falling from the sky! They can chose which form they want to be born as. For Momo, the choice is obvious: He will take the same form as the mysterious flying creature that saved him from a fall when he was still an egg.

However, on the day of his birth, disaster… Momo discovers that manchot do not fly! To comfort him, the village elder reveals to Momo a secret: There exist a “Messenger of the Sun” capable of granting any wishes living far away. Momo does not hesitate for one second. Accompanied by his two friends Noah and Lily, he decides to track down the creature of legend. Follow three heroes, each more cute than the other, in a fantastical quest at the heart of a colorful world! Jungle, caverns, hidden villages… As much exploration as any of the great adventures!


Source: Ki-oon, Nautiljon and Article Image: Momo et le messager du Soleil Cover