Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 18th, 2018

Holiday Love Announces Theme Song

Porno Graffitti is writing a song specifically tailored to the upcoming live action adaptation of Holiday Love (The song is called Chameleon Lens) and Skoop on Somebody is set to perform as guest chorus in the song. A CD single will then be released on March 21st.

The series itself is set to debut on January 26th on TV Asahi.

Source: Comic Natalie and TV Asahi


Marmalade Boy Reveals Cast of the Parents

The new cast members of the live action adaptation movie are: Yoji Matsura (Played by Shosuke Tanihara), Chiyako Matsura (Played by Miho Nakayama), Rumi Koishikawa (Played by Rei Dan) and Jin Koishikawa (Played by Michitaka Tsutsui). The cast can be seen below:

Marmalade Family Pic

Source: Comic Natalie