Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 12th, 2018

Real Account Movie Adaptation Announced

The manga Real Account is set to be adapted into a live action movie; no other details available at this time.

Source: Manga Mag


More Rainbow Days Cast Revealed

New cast members for the live action movie of Rainbow Days have been revealed: Anna Kobayakawa (Played by Riko Yoshida), Mari Tsutsui (Played by Yuri Tsunematsu), Reiko Chiba (Played by Nozomi Bando) and Yukiko Azai (Played by Mayu Hotta). See picture of new cast members below:

Rainbow Days Female Cast

Source: Comic Natalie


Oh my Jump! Shonen Jump Saves the World Teasers

With the new series playing on Japanese TV today, here are the latest teasers for the live action Shonen Jump centric series:

Source: Crunchyroll, Cinema Today and Asianwiki