Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 9th, 2018

New Simuldubs

FUNimation just announced that it will simuldub The Silver Guardian 2 and Hakyu Hoshin Engi, ending the anticipation of some fans as to whether or not The Silver Guardian’s sequel season was going to be dubbed. Crunchyroll will stream both series with subtitles.

Source: Crunchyroll, Funimation and Article Image: Taken from Silver Guardian trailer


New Additions to Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll just announced that it is adding Hitori no Shita – The Outcast 2 for its Winter simulcasts (Which will start on January 9th). Crunchyroll is also adding Kaiju Girls Season 2 for the same season (Which will start on January 9th also). And finally, Crunchyroll is also adding gdgd Men’s Party as well.

Source: Crunchyroll (Link 1link 2 and link 3)


A Place Further than the Universe Episode Count Revealed

With details of the home video release finally available, we now know that the series will have 13 episodes.

Source: Official Website


Imminent Release for New Miyazaki Work

A CG short entitled Boro the Caterpillar is set to debut at the Ghibli Museum on March 21st. It is the first work from Miyazaki since his 2013’s The Wind Rises.

Source: Ghibli Museum



Yet another crypto currency venture joins the increasing trend. This time an idol group with each idol representing a crypto currency has just been born. Their first live show is scheduled for January 12th in Tokyo and is free.

Bitcoin Idols

Source: Music Natalie