Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 6th, 2018

Overlord II Episode Count Revealed

Based on the home video release schedule for the series, it appears that season 2 of Overlord will be 13 episodes, much like the first season.

Source: The Fandom Post and Official Website (For article image)


Magical Girl Site Episode Count Revealed

It was revealed, by Kentaro Sato himself, that the anime of Magical Girl Site will have a total of 12 episodes.

Source: Animate Times


China is Moving in on Japan’s Business

It appears that Chinese studios have been scouting Japanese staff for some time now. Tomohiko Ito said he was approached to work with a Chinese company and that Chinese studios in general seem eager to recruit talented Japanese staff members.

This may not seem significant to some but with China seeking to expand its global influence (In all things including entertainment) and Japan having rather questionable working conditions for its staff and a reputation for putting its own animation industry under attack whenever a lawmaker feels like it, China might actually get the opportunity it seeks sooner rather than later. This news is also accompanying several co-productions for anime series between China and Japan over the last few years.

Source: Buzzfeed Japan


Initiative to Protect Original Editions

There is a bill floating around that aims to build an art center whose purpose would be collecting original editions of manga and anime cels to make sure foreign collectors do not buy them.

Source: Japan Times


Mashima is at it Again

Hiro Mashima has another Fairy Tail sketch for his fans to enjoy over on Twitter:

Fairy Mashi Sketch

Source: Hiro Mashima’s Twitter Account