Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 1st, 2018

Fate/Apocrypha to be Re-Aired

On January 2 – 3, the series is going to re-air in its entirety with a “special weather report” segment from Astolfo.

Source: Otakomu and Official Website (For image)


Fullmetal Alchemist Available on Netflix UK

The hit series is now finally available to United Kingdom residents on the Netflix service. This marks the first time the series is available for streaming in the UK and both Brotherhood as well as Sacred Star of Milos are also available.

Source: Anime UK News


Netflix’s 2018 Anime Offering

With Netflix getting serious in the anime game, it may be the appropriate time to look at what’s coming (So far) to the service in 2018:

-A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-

-B: The Beginning


-Cannon Busters

-Children of the Whales

-Devilman Crybaby

-Dorei-ku The Animation

-Fate/Apocrypha (Continuation)

-Fate/Extra Last Encore

-Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

-Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya

-Lost Song

-New Godzilla Movies

-Rilakkuma and Koaru

-Sword Gai

-Violet Evergarden

Source: Anime UK News


Crunchyroll Co-Productions

With licensing becoming an increasingly cutthroat venture, companies have developed new ways of securing the series they need to stay relevant in the market. One such way is co-productions; where a company becomes a direct investor of the series itself and by doing so secures the rights for that series in its region. This list is going to detail Crunchyroll’s co-productions this year:

-A Centaur’s Life

-Chain Chronicle -The Light of Haecceitas-


-Classroom of the Elite

-Dies Irae

-Idol Incidents

-Junji Ito Collection

-Kemono Friends

-Kino’s Journey (New series)

-Love Tyrant

-Masamune Kun’s Revenge

-Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club



-Recovery of an MMO Junkie

-Restaurant to Another World

-Shonen Ashibe – GO! GO! Goma-chan 2

-The Reflection


Source: Crunchyroll