Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 30th, 2017

Death end re;Quest has Promo and Opening Movie Available

Compile Heart decided to release two promotional videos of its upcoming Playstation 4 role-playing game. The first one is a promotional video:

While the second video shows the game’s opening movie:

Source: Gematsu and Compile Heart’s YouTube Channel and Official Website for image


Busou Shinki Franchise Coming Back!

Konami let out a video that hints at a possible revival of the Busou Shinki franchise:

Source: Konami’s YouTube Channel


Takeharu Ishimoto Leaves Square Enix

Legendary composer Takeharu Ishimoto announced that he is leaving Square Enix and while he would not reveal details, he insisted that his resignation was an amicable one. For his immediate future, he plans on becoming a freelance composer.

Source: Ishimoto’s Twitter