Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 25th, 2017

Fanservice is a contentious issue, especially in the West, but has started to become one in Japan as well. It was to be expected that the more mainstream anime becomes the more anything sexual related to it would be targeted and in recent times it seems we have two series that crossed that imaginary line of “appropriate content”.


People Have their Panties in a Bunch Over Fanservice Again!

The latest cover artwork of Boruto caused controversy due to both the scene depicted and the age of the girls involved. Far from uncommon in Japan, the fact that Boruto is a heavily mainstream manga might explain why it drew such criticism so quickly. The cover can be seen below:

Boruto 19 Cover

Source: Comic and Shueisha for Image


Of course, not wanting to be outdone, One Piece also drew criticism over scenes involving Nami in the anime series’ 819th episode. This time it’s “gratuitous fan service” that was parroted online. You can see the contentious content below:

One Piece 819 Fanservice

Source: Comic and One Piece Series Episode 819 for Image


Racing Miku is Back

Moving away from the complaint department, Hatsune Miku has a new outfit for you to enjoy:

Racing Miku Outfit

The Good Smile Racing Team is bringing back Racing Miku for the new year, as you can see above. Much like previous iterations, this design was made by Hiro Kanzaki.

Source: Good Smile Twitter Account