Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 24th, 2017

It seems 2018 is shaping up to be the year of sequels and it begins with this winter in force. For a while now sequels have been an increasing trend in the anime industry and most don’t know how to feel about it. Some think its a sign of weakness and that the industry is having to rely on established franchises rather than take risks. Others see it as a healthy sign of the times: as the industry sees more series per year and of greater diversity than ever before and the very presence of a sequel indicates it was popular enough to warrant a continuation; something which I assume many are happy to see after years of inconclusive series getting cancelled for one reason or another just as they were getting serious. In any event, this article serves the purpose of going through the list of the upcoming sequels and yes, these are for next season alone, not next year.

Now getting down to the list we have:


The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments (Pictured above)

Adapted from one of Japan’s most popular manga, the series has generated a great deal of interest in the West. Starting with the first season, Seven Deadly Sins divided its fanbase between those who were happy with a quick, no nonsense adaptation that forgoes fillers and others who are disappointed it is being adapted so fast when other comparable manga have had anime series playing for years. Whatever the case, the wait is over. After the appetiser Netflix hilariously called a second season (The OVA), the actual second season is finally here.

Source: Image: Promotional visual Official Website


Fate/Extra Last Encore


The Fate series can be best described as Japan’s Harry Potter. Having had multiple series and been in almost continuous run for years now, it is one of the rare “late night” series aimed at the more otaku crowd that has generated this kind of staying power and international interest. Often inconsistent due to various continuities and timelines, the latest entry is based on a game that is set in an entirely different continuity than previous instalments and will very much stand on its own.

Source: Image: Promotional visual Official Website


Overlord II

Overlord Visual

The first season becoming a surprise hit, the Overlord series has taken the basic “trapped in a video game” premise in a new and interesting direction. In a genre that feels overplayed there are often gems that shine above the others and I feel that Overlord definitely fits in this category. With nothing but two compilation movies to tie us over, the new series is more than likely welcomed news for many fans.

Source: Image: Promotional visual Official Website


Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls

Basilisk 2 Visual

The second season of the brutal and tragic ninja classic is finally on its way. Being Japan’s Romeo and Juliet, this anime comes as the sequel many are intrigued by but most are baffled actually happened. I have to be honest on this one, I did not see the source material for this work and I have no idea how the hell they can even make a sequel for the original. Well, guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Source: Image: Promotional visual Official Website


The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Seven Heavenly Virtues Visual

This series is a pretty clear cut, thematic counterpoint of the original Seven Deadly Sins (Not that Seven Deadly Sins). As the original was a fanservice heavy series we can expect this spin-off to be the same, in case the visual wasn’t clear enough on that. I would presume its not the most anticipated series but I assume there are a few waiting for it, especially with fanservice series not being as prolific as a few years ago.

Source: Image: Promotional visual Official Website


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

CCS Promo Visual Better hd

Cardcaptor Sakura is an odd anime overall. The original series was significantly expanded with filler compared to its manga counterpart but, in a rare example, it only served to help the series become more popular. Some elements of the manga were toned down, but, again as a rare example, it became one of the few series where changes and censorship to the original content was actually well received; which is partly due to a heavy western fanbase who tends to frown on the specific content that was changed. In any events, this is sure to be on most people’s watch lists, especially in the west.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual Official Website


Hugtto! Precure

Hugtto Visual

The Precure franchise is a relative unknown for the west, outside of that truly horrific adaptation that played on Netflix (Yay Glitter Force), but is a juggernaut in Japan where it has always been on TV since 2004 when it all began. It is perhaps the quintessential magical girl series of modern times (Much like Sailor Moon for its era) and while most in the west may not notice its passing, I suspect this series will be another welcomed addition to the franchise in Japan.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual for the series


Dagashi Kashi 2

Dagashi Kashi 2 Visual

Part of the new trend focusing on food in anime, or in this case, sweets, this is the sequel to the first season of the same name. Up until now there was uncertainty as to the series’ future in the west due to licensing wars but fans can breathe a sigh of relief as with FUNimation licensing and confirming their streaming of the series, it is now certain to be simuldubbed.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual Official Website


Gintama Season 4

Gintama 4 Promo Visual

Gintama; another long running series that has mainly not been on the mind of the west until recently. With its subtitled release on physical media a while back and now its dubbed release, the show is perhaps more in western fandom now and none too soon as it approaches its final arc. The next season of the anime adapts the Silver Soul arc which is essentially the manga’s final arc and, one would presume, the ending of the anime as well. But you never know, both Dragon Ball and Naruto conclusively ended and yet are still running on TV as we speak.

Source: Image: Promotional visual for the upcoming series (Further detail in lower right corner of picture)


The Silver Guardian Season 2

Silver Guardian Season 2 Visual

Based on a Chinese web comic, this series is part of an unusual trend of Chinese focused anime; something to expect as anime becomes more internationally prominent and the large Chinese public begins to want to consume the media. This trend has been unfortunately largely unloved in the rest of the world as of now but the first season was still dubbed by FUNimation and while they haven’t announced that they have the new season yet, their track record with sequels should still leave us optimistic.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual Official Website


Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Season 2

Touken Ranbu 2 Visual

The concept of inanimate objects turned into pretty characters has been a recent but well established trend in Japan but it had largely targetted male-oriented series in most cases. With the series about swords turned into pretty boys, it seems the female market is getting its version as well. This is the second season of the anime based on the rather popular game.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual Official Website


Yowamushi Pedal 4th Season

Glory Line Visual

The long running sports series is in its 4th season this Winter. I bet few thought a show about cycling could last this long but it appears to have a strong fanbase in Japan and there is enough talk about it in the West for the series to be established here as well, even if in more niche circles due to a lack of presence on the western scene.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual Official Website


The Disastrous Life of Saiki k. 2

Saiki K S2 Visual

The weird comedy anime based on the manga of the same name is making a come back. Much like Hetalia, it is composed primarily of 5 min. long episodes. The first season was licensed and dubbed by FUNimation but it remains uncertain if the second season will receive similar treatment. I guess it depends on how popular it was.

Source: Image: Promotional Visual TV Tokyo Website


As you can see, it’s certainly a charged season when it comes to sequels. I spoke earlier as to how some, not just fans but members of the industry as well, are sounding the alarm bells over the drastic rise in the number of sequels but observing the current season, there are also plenty of original and standalone series. Not to mention that every season we get a great deal of variety which is something that wasn’t so prominent just a decade ago. With the industry increasing its profits year to year, the international market opening up in a serious way and record levels of shows per season, I think the increased sequels are just a sign of a healthy industry with strong franchises that have more staying power.


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