Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 26th, 2019

Funimation’s Lawsuits are Multiplying

Kojicast LLC is suing Funimation for their FunimationNow streaming service, which they claim is a patent infringement on their ‘683 Patent. The lawsuit alleges that Funimation is using technology to allow users to stream content from their mobile device and the pick up and resume that content on other devices (Computer and smart TVs for example) which is part of Kojicast’s patent.

It should be noted there are reports that Kojicast is a patent troll and could be utilising what is called “Weaponized patents”. Whether or not there is any truth to this will be determined in the courts, I assume.

Source: One Angry Gamer, TechRights and Article Image: Funimation


Ingress’ Musical Score Replaced

The anime Ingress has had its original Japanese score (By Hidehiro Kawai) replaced by a Disney composer (Jacob Yoffee) for its international release. As anime becomes more mainstream and super corporations continue to try an monopolize the market, it should be interesting to note how practices we thought had died with 4Kids and the era of anime-on-television are now making a comeback but in the streaming format.

Source: Anime News Network


Chiitan Censored by Twitter

The social media accounts of Japanese mascot Chiitan have been suspended by Twitter and the management team of the mascot themselves have no idea why; they also didn’t receive any warnings prior to the suspensions. The mascot is also already under attack from the town of Susaki, which has launched a temporary injunction against it and caused its planned anime series to be delayed.

Source: Anime News Network


Yamakan’s Blog Goes Offline

Director Yutaka Yamamoto’s blog on Line Blog was taken offline and he has since moved on to Ameba Blog. The director was known for comments which caused controversy and had been censored by Twitter in 2018 when they suspended his account.

Source: Esuteru


Ufotalbe’s Tax Troubles Continue

The animation studio supposedly owes US$3.57 million in taxes and ufotable president Hikaru Kondo has stepped down as chairman of the executive committee for the Machi Asobi event.

Source: Yaraon! and Tokushima Shimbun


Terumi Nishii Reveals Hard Truth About the Animation Industry in Japan

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s character designer has advised against newcomers joining the anime industry because of their love for the medium. Her comments are not bitter but sadly based on her having seen colleagues with broken bodies and minds over severe overwork.

Overwork is an ongoing issue in the anime industry and it seems to be getting worse as time moves on with new reports of incidents and tragedies coming out with regularity and more and more industry members speaking out.

Source: Terumi Nishii


TV Tokyo Apologizes for Kemono Friends 2’s Producer

While no one is named, it is likely this incident refers to producer Nobuyuki Hosoya, who has gained a reputation for responding to fan criticism with contempt. His last tweet had insulted those who didn’t like the series for “Not being perceptive enough” to understand its “Appeal” and for just “Blindly following” the first series. Nobuyuki was responsible for hiring director Ryuichi Kimura.

TV Tokyo has responded with the following:

An employee of TV Tokyo has made statements on social media regarding the broadcast of Kemono Friends 2. Some of these statements have included unpleasant and unprofessional conduct towards viewers.

It is entirely up to the viewers to express their evaluation of a product. Those who are involved in the creation of Kemono Friends 2 must accept the results earnestly. We believe that this is an essential aspect of working in production.

We deeply apologize for this incident.

Source: TV Tokyo