Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 13th, 2019

Fans were understandably filled with apprehension after hearing that the dub release of the series had been, and still is, delayed. Many thought it was to alter the content of the dub due to the recent controversy manufactured by the mainstream media. However, after a user asked Crunchyroll:

Not trying to be facetious, but changing lines to fit western audiences due to already being backlash from the sub of #ShieldHero ep.1?

Miles Thomas, Crunchyroll press writer, responded with:

No, this is not the case.

It looks as if whatever is causing the delay is unrelated to the controversy, which should be a relief to many who are expecting the dub. I had personally contacted Crunchyroll over the matter, but so far I’ve only been answered with a confirmation that my query was escalated to the proper authority on the matter and would be answered shortly. If any new or relevant information is conveyed to me by Crunchyroll, I shall update this article.


Source: Twitter (Link 1 and Link 2) and Article Image: The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 1 screenshot