Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 9th, 2019

By now, most must be aware of the controversy surrounding The Rising of the Shield Hero and the mainstream Western media establishment’s decision to attack the series for daring to have a plot that involves a false rape accusation (Which they contend you cannot present in a show without it being misogynist by default; yes, merely having the element of a false accusation of rape is now “Misogynist”). I will be covering this controversy in greater details in a later AnimeGate entry. For now I would like to bring immediate focus to the dub of the series. The dub has been delayed and we do not yet know when it will finally release. No stated reason has been given for this sudden move however many fans online have begun to speculate that Crunchyroll might have given in to the perpetually offended, censorship brigades and are potentially altering the content of the dub to “Better respect Western sensibilities”. Of course we do not know why the dub release has been pushed and won’t until it is out, but we should all keep an eye open to see what, if anything, has been changed when it is finally released.

2019 promises to be the year of censorship and you can expect the Western media establishment to focus on that as we move forward. I will be covering what to expect when it comes to censorship this year in an AnimeGate article later this month.


Update – 13/01/19

Crunchyroll has stated that they are not changing the dub due to the recent controversy.


Source: ShieldHeroEN and Article Image: Taken from the trailer