Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: June 28th, 2018

New Season of Real Girl Announced

The series’ second season will debut in January 2019 on AnichU.

Source: Comic Natalie


Laid-Back Camp Special Episode

The third DVD/BD release of the series will include a special episode released on July 25.

Laid Camp 1

Laid Camp 2

Laid Camp 3

Source: Official Twitter Account (Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3)


New Details on Tamago Project

The next edition of the project will come out in 2019 and feature 4 anime short from 4 different animators:

  • Hello we Go!: 2D short by Ryoji Masuyama and Maiko Okadsa from Wit Studio.
  • Space Attendant Aoi: 3DCG short by Kei Yoshimizu and Yumiko Yamanaka from Keica and Griot Groove.
  • Chuck Shimezou: 2D short by Eiichiro Nishiyama and Hirofumi Yamashita from Nippon Animation.
  • Captain Bar: 3DCG short by Masanori Numaguchi and Hiromichi Nakajima from Flying Ship Studio.

Source: Anime Tamago


Shiki License Expires

Funimation will remove the series from its catalogue on June 30. Considering it’s an Aniplex series, might want to grab it while you can before prices are jacked up, if its ever re-released at all.

Source: Funimation


New Guests for Otakon

The convention will welcome Naoko Tsutsumi (Studio Trigger producer), Yoh Yoshinari (Studio Trigger director and animator), Masahiko Otsuka (Studio Trigger president, Tatsuyuki Nagai (Director) and Kanetake Ebikawa (Mechanical designer). Other guests include voice actors Ray Chase, Cherami Leigh, Johnny Yong Bosch and Kyle McCarley.

Oatakon 2018 is scheduled for August 10 – 12 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Source: Anime News Network