Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: June 4th, 2018

MCM London 2018

Anime Limited Announcements:

  1. Angelic Layer Collector’s Edition (BD / Dubbed and sub) [New License]
  2. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card Collector’s Edition (DVD/BD Combo / Dubbed and sub) [New License]
  3. Cowboy bebop 20th Anniversary Edition (BD / Dubbed and sub) [Re-release]
  4. FLCL Soundtrack
  5. Perfect Blue Ultimate Edition (DVD/BD Combo / artbook / Dub and sub) [Re-release]

MVM Entertainment New Licenses:

  1. Bakuon
  2. Sagrada Reset
  3. Seven Mortal Sins
  4. Star-Myu Season 1 – 2
  5. The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2
  6. When They Cry

Also, in other related UK news: MVM confirmed that their collector’s set of Flip Flappers will be BD-only and the initial combo pack reports were in error. MVM also mentioned that both the USA and Australia are dropping DVD as a format.

Source: Anime Bluray UK (Link 1 and Link 2), UK Anime Network and Article Image: MCM Comic Con


My Anime List Issues

Due to a reported security vulnerability, the website has been down for the last several days. Now it seems it is partially back online although many features remain deactivated until they have fully resolved the situation.

Source: My Anime List


Discotek Series on Midnight Pulp

The streaming service Midnight Pulp is adding the following from Discotek:

  1. Arcadia of my Youth (Dubbed)
  2. Fist of the North Star Movie (Dubbed)
  3. Robot Carnival (Dubbed)
  4. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Dubbed)
  5. Toriko: Secret Recipe of Gourmet God! (Subtitled)
  6. Wicked City (Dub and sub)

Source: Midnight Pulp