Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 5th, 2018

Eight new cast members for the movie have just been revealed and they were given visuals that compare them with their source material:

Kaede Manyuda (Played by Taishi Nakagawa):

Kakegurui Cast 1

Sayaka Igarashi (Played by Yurika Nakamura):

Kakegurui Cast 2

Runa Yomotsuki (Played by Natsume Mito):

Kakegurui Cast 3

Itsuki Sumeragi (Played by Ruka Matsuda):

Kakegurui Cast 4

Yuriko Nishinotoin (Played by Natsumi Okamoto):

kakegurui Cast 5

Nanami Tubomi (Played by Kiyo Matsumoto):

Kakegurui Cast 7

Midari Ikishima (Played by Miki Yanagi):

kakegurui Cast 8

Jun Kiwatari (Played by Yuma Yamoto):

Kakegurui Cast 6

An interesting observation on the casting: They actually made genuinely sharp casting choices when it comes to characters’ appearances. It’s important to note because Hollywood can’t go through one anime adaptation without whitewashing, let alone finding actors who look the part. But here we can see it’s definitely possible to find actors that actually look like the characters they are supposed to play. I just thought it was worth noticing.


Source: Comic Natalie and Official Twitter (Link 1 and Link 2)