Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 1st, 2018

The anime DamexPrince released a video sequence of its opening as well as its ending theme song.

The opening theme is DxDxD by BREAKERZ while the ending song is Light & Shade by Soma Saito and Ryohei Kimura.

A story summary as well as cast introductions are also now available:

Story summary:

Ani, a princess from the minor nation of Inaco, has been sent to the signing ceremony in Selenfalen, meant to bring peace to the nations of Milidonia, a mighty military country, and Selenfalen, a powerful theocracy.
Upon entering the site of the ceremony, Ani meets the Selenfalen prince Ruze, so beautiful she almost mistakes him for a girl. Ruze has a calm demeanor, but their conversation soon devolves into confusion.
A bewildered Ani is then met with the sound of an explosion.
The door blows away with a bang, and in walk some even stranger princes…

The cast:

Ani (Played by Sayuri Yahagi):

Dame Ani

The princess of the minor nation of Inaco, and this anime’s main character.
Though a princess, her father raised her to work just as much, even more than the people of her kingdom, so she is strong-minded and realistic.

Narek (Played by Kaito Ishikawa):

Dame Narek

The heir to the throne of Milidonia.
The ultimate narcissist, with no interest in anything other than himself. His passion lies in leading a pack of servants around—lighting manager, breeze manager—in pursuit of the perfect self-portrait.

Vino (Played by Yuuichirou Umehara):

Dame Vino

Son of the highest-level aristocrats in Milidonia.
Loves anything and everything girls, and will talk them up day and night. And by girls, he means anyone from the cradle to the grave. As long as they’re a girl! A girl-loving professional, if you will.

Ruze (Played by Soma Saito):

Dame Ruze

The crown prince of Selenfalen.
Mare’s older brother.
Possesses charisma that charms even a crying child. Raised delicately like a flower, he looks like a doll and is completely without ego. The people of the kingdom are completely enamored by him. There is not a single person in the kingdom who isn’t his fan.

Mare (Played by Ryouhei Kimura):

Dame Mare

Second in line for the Selenfalen throne. Ruze’s younger brother.
A hermit both in the hiding-in-his-room sense and hiding-in-the-2D-anime kind of sense. People rarely see him, and he’s become somewhat of an urban legend.

Riot (Played by Shunsuke Takeuchi):

Dame Riot

Milidonian knight.
Very chivalrous and a distinguished knight, but tends to be thrown around by those around him in his everyday life. The furrows between his eyebrows express the discrepancy between his ideal and his reality.

Chrom (Played by Eiji Takemoto):

Dame Chrom

Selenfalen Prime Minister.
Intelligent and religious, there is something sensual about the way he composes himself.
Quick-witted when it comes to politics, and a very trusted man. If only he could get over his blind adoration of Ruze!

Teo (Played by Tomoaki Maeno):

Dame Teo

Full-time farmer and part-time white night in Inaco.
Childhood friend of the main character—a brotherly character who always wants the best for her.
Can get a bit protective and out of control, but with Ani, he is always on his best behavior.

Grimaru (Played by Ayaka Saitou):

Dame Grimaru

The guardian beast of Inaco. Says she needs love to grow, but it looks like she doesn’t have enough of it now because she looks like a round… cat? Don’t ever say that to her face, though—oh no, she’s a griffin.


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