Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 26th, 2017

Hugtto! finally has a release date set for a February 4th premiere. In addition to this announcement, we were also given a couple of visual treats for the upcoming series in the form of a new visual and character reveals. The visual can be seen above while the new characters can be seen below:

Cure Yell (Hana Nono)

Precure 1

A girl transferring to a new school in her second year of middle school. Compared to other girls her age, she is relatively short, but she wants to be a cool adult big sister. She will try her hand at anything that interests her, but frequently makes mistakes: on her first day at her new school she messes up cutting her bangs and is late for class. She transforms into Cure Yell out of the strong desire to protect the mysterious baby Hug-tan. Her catchphrase is “Cheering everyone on! Energetic Precure! Cure Yell!

Cure Ange (Saaya Yakushiji)

Precure 2

The class representative from Hana’s class, and a girl everyone says has the kindness of an angel. Her mother is an actress, so Saaya herself has played children’s roles from a young age, but she worries about what she herself wants to do. She transforms into Cure Ange because of her strong desire to help Cure Yell. Her catchphrase is “Healing everyone! Wise Precure! Cure Ange!

Cure Étoile (Homare Kagayaki)

Precure 3

A stylish and mature girl in Hana’s class. She was once a figure skater but has distanced herself from the sport after a failed jump. On meeting Hana and the others, her passion is reignited and she decides to try again. She transforms into Cure Etoile due to her strong feelings of wanting to conquer her own weakness. Her catchphrase is “Everyone Shine! Strength Precure! Cure Étoile!


Precure 4

A baby who came from the sky. Hana looks after her. Together with her manager Hari, she flees from the evil Clias Company. She carries the Mirai Crystal, a crystallization of the power that creates tomorrow. If it is captured, everyone’s futures will be lost and Hug-tan will disappear…

Hariham Hari

Precure 5

A hamster that speaks with a Kansai dialect. He is supposed to instruct Hana and the others about how to be a Precure, but he is not very willing. He can transform into a good-looking guy.


Source: Official Website and Anime News Network (Character description translations minus my own corrections).