Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 23rd, 2017

Mitsuboshi Colors Licensed by Sentai

Sentai Filmworks announced that it has licensed the Mitsuboshi Colors anime series for this winter which is scheduled to stream exclusively on the HIDIVE streaming service.

Source: Sentai Filmworks press release and Image: Official Website


Anime-Based Virtual Reality at Kyoto Cafe

You can now do things such as attend an Hatsune Miku concert or enjoy any of the offered 20 anime-themed virtual reality programs in a small Animate Cafe Shop in Kyoto thanks to their new VR Theater experience. Other programs include Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell, among others.

Source: The Asahi Shimbun


Disney Plans on Saturating you with Pokémon

On the 1st of January, Disney will air consecutively the first 3 Pokémon movies. They will then, from January 2nd to January 19th, air a different Pokémon movie every night with a re-showing of every Pokémon movie on the 20th and 21st. They also plan on airing 5 episodes of the Pokémon series every night during this period. For more details on the times of the showings, follow the link below.

Source: Poké


Ecchi Art Shared by Fairy Tail Creator

Hiro Mashima loves to share his sketches online and isn’t afraid to get kinky while doing so. Below is his latest sketch he shared on Twitter:

Fairy Tail Sketch

Source: Hiro Mashima’s Twitter Account